In today's mobile world, smartphones and action cam's are used as our main recording device. The VPalm is mounting glove which allows best recording experience. Wear the glove, fix your device, and then record with ease of use that original holding handles on video camera gave. Check our Kickstarter project to see main VPalm features

VPalm is a textile fingerlessglove sewn together with a plastic support which can secure any smartphone or action cam from 4 to 8 cm (1.5 to 3.25 in), allowing 360° movement.


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The VPalm is a smartphone and action cam mounting glove which allows the freedom to record everywhere.

In today's mobile world, smartphones and action cams are used as our main recording devices. At VPalm, we compared their ergonomics with traditional video cameras and found that there is a gap in the ease of use and comfort. There are many tools on the market that try to address this issue like selfie sticks and phone holders. These products don't appeal to the ease of use that original handles on video camera's did. Allowing for the device to be securely cradled in your palm.
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The Glove: Designed to be comfortable on your hand. The glove is made with a technical cloth. It can be worn on both hands and is one size fits all, thanks to its modular design and fit.
The Holder: Inspired by a car smartphone mount which can securely hold any device. The holder is attached to the glove with a solid arm allowing for single axis 360° rotations, and the ability to move your wrist and arm freely as you please to get the best shot. When not in use, you have the ability to fold the holder down toward your arm. You can then move freely without the fear of VPalm dropping your device.
The Velcro Strap: The VPalm's stability secret is the Velcro strap which is sewn onto the glove. The Velcro passes over the holder's slot allowing the VPalm to securely merge with your hand to support the device.


Stefano Zobele

Stefano Zobele


Founder and project leader.

    Gene Annunziata

    Gene Annunziata

    Industrial designer

    Gene transformed our ideas onto paper.



      Video Producer

      Helping collect feedback and insights on the design and usability of the product.

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